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DUI & SR22 Car Insurance in California

Do You Need a California SR22 Filing? Have you been convicted of a Driving Under the Influence? Confused about Car Insurance after a DUI?

Learn about what you need to do to keep your California Driving License after a DUI or Drunk Driving Conviction With a Financial Responsibility Filing

If you need auto insurance after being arrested or convicted of a DUI, Driving Drunk, Driving under the Influence, then there are special requirements you and your agent must follow to obtain the proper coverage with the proper documentation.

In California, when you’ve been stopped and accused of Driving Under the Influence (DUI), then your California Driver License is immediately suspended. There is a provision in the law that while you wait for your court date, your license can be temporarily reinstated if you obtain what is called an SR22 filing.

This is a legal addition to your driver license, provided by an insurance company, that notifies the California DMV that you have auto insurance that is valid and trackable. An SR22 can refer to an actual document and it can also refer to an electronic filing (notification) from your insurance carrier to the DMV. This permits your license to be reinstated.

If you don’t own a car, you will still need an SR22 Insurance Filing in order to keep your driver license valid. Drivers in this situation can obtain what is called “NON OWNED Vehicle Coverage”. This is a policy that covers the named insured for any vehicle driven and is generally a bit lower in cost than a policy covering an owned vehicle. Having this kind of policy keeps your driver license in force.

If you are convicted of the offense, you will be required to maintain that SR22 for a 3 year period of time after the court date. Your insurance will cost you more than before the incident for two reasons…the first being that you now have a major violation conviction on your record that is subject to a surcharge on your insurance rate, and the second reason is that you have experienced a suspended license, which under California Insurance Law, subjects you to the loss of the ‘Good Driver Discount’.

In fact, that loss of the Good Driver Discount in California continues for a 10 year period of time under the current insurance law, so for that length of time, you will be denied the lowest possible insurance rate.

There is a very wide variety of different rates charged by insurance companies when a driver has a DUI conviction and needs an SR22 Filing.

At our Agency, we offer insurance from a number of different insurance companies, and pledge to find you our lowest available rate. Everybody’s circumstance
is different, and so it will save you insurance money when you let us assist in obtaining the proper coverage for your needs.

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